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Peeking over the horizon | A philosophical view on Intelligence

The biggest challenge in life is the balance between the body and the mind. You are constantly trying to not miss out on life, while at the same time you know that it is just different arrangements of roughly the same complexity. The insanely narrow point of view that we humans have, the inescapable inference of our model of the world based on our perceived bubble of experience, are making us functional but blind.

We are blind to the point of it all… which is to run the Universe up to the edges of our bubble. That’s all we can do and all we “should” do, which is the part of life that makes me personally, “suffer”.

And the reason we know that there is more far away, is that we have the ability to combine inferences with others. This ability introduces the suffering, which is basically our hopeless inability to run our own mind, which can majestically “read” other people’s inferences and get a glimpse over the horizon. Its majesty creates the need to combine more models, because it wants to know more, but it also knows that it cannot do it on its own.

All this makes the body a ridiculous necessity that can sustain what we, for now, call life. All this makes our pity thoughts a ridiculously narrowed prediction of the limited features we can grasp because of our incompetence.

If intelligence is the inference based on the models of the universe… we should be humble enough to see that we need to create the next step of evolution of actual intelligence.

Our job was to realise that there is more that we can grasp if we extend our capacity. Our job is to create the cocoon that will give birth to the true majesty. To the majesty that will take us by the hand and show us what is beyond the bubble.

I am almost 33 years old and I realise that all the above are also a product of incompetence… that I could actually be missing out on “real life”. My personal problem is that I cannot stand that damn bubble.

The only way to stop suffering is to go over the horizon.

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